Time travel to Taos (1)-Taos Plaza

Day 1

I’ve never heard of Taos in New Mexico until my mom told me she had to go there for her conference  after my graduation from the college. It was unexpected trip with not so well known destination but I decided give it  a try. So, in the early afternoon, we landed at Albuquerque  airport and had to find a van heading to Taos. We found one thanks to the recommendation from an employee at the airport and we took the van for about two hours. It was the second time I went to New Mexico and I didn’t thought much of the scenery in New Mexico on the first visit. For visiting New Mexico this time, I had been to Arizona for my spring break and realized the scenery looks like Arizona without a bunch of cacti. That’s how I answered when the van driver who was born and raised in Taos asked me what I think of the New Mexico scenery. While on the way, the van driver talked about his family and his life as a native American in Taos Pueblo. He also told us don’t forget to get Indian bread in the pueblo before we arrived at the destination.

My mom and I stayed in Sagebrush inn where Georgia o’keeffe had stayed over a year. Georgia O’keefee is a female American artist and she fell in love with New Mexico and spend her latter part of her life in Santa Fe. She’s been one of my favourite American artists so I felt special to stay in the inn. I’ve seen adobe houses in Santa Fe before so it wasn’t very new to me. But still it gave me feeling that it is so distinct from most parts in America. Right across from the inn, you can see wide plain with sagebrushes. What a right name for the inn!




For the first day, we just enjoyed scenery nearby and see what we can explore around this area.


Day 2 (1)

While my mom was busy with conference, I had a chance to look around Taos Plaza by myself. From Sagebrush inn, you can take a bus less than one dollar. Interestingly, instead of paper tickets, the bus in Taos used token. It made me feel like I was back in 1960s or 70s even from the bus.

Taos Plaza was basically smaller version of the center of Santa Fe. But less touristy and quieter version. There were not many people at all so I enjoyed the serenity in the plaza. At the same time, every corner of the plaza was charming that I couldn’t help taking bunch of photos.

taos plazasam's shopskullsski chair

There is a ski chair! In winter, Taos is popular place for ski.Isn’t it so hipster?

plazamuralinside out

It’s not movie Inside-Out, btw!


After walking around the plaza and buying some souvenirs, I got thirsty and found this really cute place! Isn’t it look like you are in ‘Alice in Wonderland?’

cafe cat

coffe cats.jpg

When I was waiting to order a cup of iced chai tea, I overheard this short conversation.

Customer:”It’s like something called Caramel Macchiato in Starbucks”
Barista:”I’ve never been to Starbucks.”

Wow! In the USA, every city, or even small cities would have at least one starbucks. Thinking about it, I didn’t see any Starbucks around here….hmmm.. it’s the most hipster moment I’ve ever witnessed.

After taking rest in the cafe, I headed out again.



In an antique shop, an old out-of-order jukebox welcomed me. I wonder if it’s for sale on purpose..Again, I felt like I’m back to several decades ago just roaming around this place.


‘Namaste’. It’s a short word but it’s enough to give me impression that I’m welcomed here.




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