Dalai Lama Speech Quote-03/01/2014

These are the quotes that I wrote while attending Nobel Peace Prize Forum with my friends back in March 2014 in Minnesota. When my mind got tangled, I read this note and try to find my inner peace.

1. Focus on happiness and compassion. Then harmoy will easily come.

2. When the concept of ‘we’ and ‘they’ are getting stronger, it will cause exploiting, bullying and even killing.

3. I like honey. In my previous life, I must have been a bee. But doctors told me that I should reduce the amount of sugar I eat.

4. Every religion carries message of love, tolerance and forgiveness. However, there are always some corrupted religious leaders who pollute the religion. Same goes with politics.

5. We need to make effort to education that makes happy individuals.

6. Scientists revealed that the feeling of anger will ease and weaken the immune system in ou body. It means that our body follows happiness.

7. Even animals sacrifice their lives to protect their young kids. (As a human),use your intelligence and education to promote love and compassion.

8. Inner value should become part of your life.

9. Every change starts from individual. So, be yourself first.

10. Be sincere. Then every human act will be positive.

11. Optimism is keeping your mind and attitude fresh. If you wanna die soon, keep being pessimistic.

12. Blessing should com from our motivation.


Author: amysfernweh

Hi, this is Amy. I'm a data scientist but I like reading, going to art museums and traveling for my free time. If you want to connect with me, shoot me an email:amygko@gmail.com. Thanks!

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