Hidden charms in New York City

<Featured Image: Sunset view of Manhattan taken from Jersey City>


New York City is the city that I always have in mind. I have not visited this city for over three years and I really miss it. What I miss from the city is not the hustle-bustle in Time Squares at night with endless neon signs, but rather cherishing quiet moment in the city enjoying espresso with a decent cannoli in rainy weather or stopping by old and cozy secondhand bookstores and got lost in it. Even watching how an old New Yorker skillfully jay walking was a memorable moment.

When people think of traveling New York City(especially for the first time), they will 95% likely to mention the list of famous things: Time Squares, Wall Street, Empire State building, China Town, Soho…..etc. Of course, those places are really fun! I do like visiting Metropolitan museum and walking&window shopping in Soho every time I visit the city. Crossing Brooklyn bridge never gets dull.

Usually, majority of tourists are roaming around the center of Manhattan. From my observation of visiting there three times(staying there for 2-3 weeks every time), it is relatively peaceful (especially in day time). Here are some of my picks that I would always like to do in NYC

  1. Walk in Greenwich village. Then Sit one of the cafes Bleecker Street and kill time reading books. Spend a night in a comedy club

Amy's bread

<Amy’s bread on Bleecker’s Street>

<Random streets in Greenwich village>


<I always take pictures like this in pasticceria rocco in Bleecker Street-its Italian bakery and gelato are quite decent>

Greenwich Village, NYC’s neighborhood of artists, is the best place to go for bohemian fares. Especially Bleecker street has some of my favourite cafes(I really like Italian bakery around there). It has a great nightlife. Located on the west side of Lower Manhattan, the Village also has one of the best comedy clubs, Bleecker Street and NYU.  Since it has NYU buildings, it has great young vibe.

2.  Walk into a gallery around not-too-crowded part of Soho

Outside of shopping mall area with full of tourists, there are some galleries that has some artworks by famous modern artists. Probably, many modern artists in the world would like to sell their paintings to those galleries in Soho. Once, I randomly walked in a gallery in Soho and found some Damien Hirst paintings selling for quite expensive price. I remember it has some colorful circles on white canvas like the picture below. (well, he’s not my favorite but it’s good to know for those of you who are fan of his works)

<ALBIZZIN, Damien Hirst>

3. Walk around Brooklyn neighbors


<A vintage car parked near Brooklyn museum>


<This house owner must be an ardent Christian-and artistic>

<Williamsburg-Hipster HQ in NYC>

Brooklyn is a huge district so there are many local people living in. Although some parts of this borough can be sketchy,there are some interestingly charming neighborhoods. Walking around near Prospect Park, Brooklyn museum, Dumbo and Williamsburg was quite a joy. It has own unique ambience distinctive from Manhattan for sure. Plus, there are lots of nice hipster bars and restaurants in Williamsburg.

4. If you are a fan of Project Runway or fashion in general, visit Moods


If you are interested in fashion at least a little bit, this place would satisfy your fantasy on fabrics. The picture is just a part of it. No wonder why Project Runway participants were hesitating on picking fabrics from this place.

5. Take a walk or jogging like locals in riverside park



<Riverside Park in cloudy winter>

<Riverside Park in Fall>

Central park is the most famous one in Manhattan, of course. But I feel Riverside Park is very often overlooked by tourists. Riverside is along Hudson river from south of West Harlem to 72nd Street. There are many locals jogging and walking everyday. There are lots of trees so it’s really pretty place to go in spring or fall when the trees are colorful. Sunset view is one of things you shouldn’t miss from this park.

6. Walk Waterfront Walkway in Hoboken to see NYC in different angle

I know there are a tons of jokes about New Jersey but it ain’t that bad at all! Hoboken is quite a cool hipster city across from Manhattan. When you are walking in Manhattan, you don’t know how the wester shore in the borough would look like. Hoboken Waterfront Walkway offers nice view of Manhattan Skyline along Hudson river.


New York City offers endless things to do. I hope I visit this city again soon and explore new part of the city that I haven’t had a look.







Author: amysfernweh

Hi, this is Amy. I'm a data scientist but I like reading, going to art museums and traveling for my free time. If you want to connect with me, shoot me an email:amygko@gmail.com. Thanks!

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