[Travel]Sedona, Red Rock Country

I visited Sedona during the spring break back in 2015 to visit my friend in Phoenix for 3 days. I didn’t have specific places that I wanna go around Phoenix area, actually. Luckily, my friend’s mother kindly suggested to go to Sedona and my friend had never been there, either. So, one day,  we decided to go to Sedona and my friend drove the way for me.


Along the way to Sedona for two hours, there are so many cacti. I don’t think I had seen that many cacti in my life before! It was quite contrasting landscape from where I live. Also, there are many road names or geological location names that drew our attentions. Some of the examples are ‘Table Mesa Road(Mesa means ‘Table’ in Spanish)’,”Bumble Bee Crown King Rd”, “Horsethief basin” and “bloody basin rd”. I guess Arizona people are creative when it comes to naming.


After my friend drove for 2 hours, we got to the beginning point of this Sedona trip. Those red rocks are welcoming visitors standing firm. It’s so scenic that I bet there are many people sitting in cars trying to take photos at the same time like me.

Interestingly, there are many religious or meditation places around Sedona. I read somewhere that there are a lot of energy vortexes around Sedona,believe it or not. I’m not that religious person but it has a kind of atmosphere that you would wanna stay for a week to take a break from busy life in secular life.


Then, our first destination is this church, ‘Chapel of the Holy Cross’. I doubt there are regular visitors in the church but it was quite popular among tourists like us. It’s very small but it’s very distinctive. You can’t find this kind of designed church in Europe. As there are many visitors, parking a car is challenging but we managed to do it.


The landscape from the church is quite beautiful. At least, the weather in the early afternoon was sunny enough to get nice pictures. I was impressed how those houses go well with the scenery.



Now you can see why Sedona is often called “Red Rock Country”. It’s also amazing that all the rocks look very rocky but still there are some plants living on the rock.

After having lunch, we went to climb Bell Rock. Bell Rock is the signature rock in Sedona. There is a trail that you can hike up the rock. After parking my friend’s car, we had to walk a bit to the rock. On the way, there are many maintenance cars passing by. It was not completely easy way that we had to stop for a while when those cars are approaching and the road was not wide. climbcloud


bell rock2

<The view from Bell Rock trail>

When we got to Bell Rock, we were able to see more people. The trail offered really nice view but alas, the weather was getting cloudy that these pictures don’t do it justice. It’s one of the scenery that looked like hardly touched by humans.

When it comes to hiking, it isn’t difficult but I wasn’t wearing a good pair of shoes for hiking.Next time when I’m lucky enough to visit here again, I swear that I would bring a good pair of shoes. Plus, my friend also got scared by height so we did’t make it to the top.

Afterward, we were ready to go back to Phoenix. But it’s kind of the place that you want to linger. So, we drove around Sedona and actually the town area in Sedona has some banks, stores and restaurants so it is not completely remote in some senses.

It was a short trip to Phoenix and ,now that I think of it, Sedona is still memorable place to me. Who know, I might be looking for some kinds of meditaions and visit back to this place!



Author: amysfernweh

Hi, this is Amy. I'm a data scientist but I like reading, going to art museums and traveling for my free time. If you want to connect with me, shoot me an email:amygko@gmail.com. Thanks!

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